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About Hay Diet

The Hay Diet is not a get thin quick scheme. It is a healthy way of eating, for many, a way of life.

Dr. William Howard Hay developed the Hay Diet early in the 20th century. He created this food combining diet to treat his own health conditions with great success. He consequently treated many patients through dietary means also with great success. The modern version of the Hay Diet is essentially the same as it was nearly 90 years ago and this is because it works.

The common ailments of today for example acid reflux, water retention, high blood pressure, migraines and IBS could more often than not be easily relieved by correct food combining on the Hay Diet.

This website was created because modern health seems to be deteriorating and dependance on medicine and tablets is increasing. The requirement of information which the Hay Diet and food combining provides could be essential for the lives of many families in the future just as it has been in the past.