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News related to food combining

Is medicine the only way?
Dr William Howard Hay successfully treated patients through diet with great success which challenges the way medicine is administered.


Are obese people addicts?
Article which compares the behaviours of obese people to addicts.


More About Food Combining
It has been noticed that people who live by the food combining rules are less likely to die of food related disease so why do we dismiss it so easily?


Nutrition Guide - Diet and Nutrition
Nutrition Guide provides you with a personalized nutritional-supplement plan based on your unique health and wellness needs.


Free Hay Diet Recipes
Free healthy Hay Diet Recipes suitable for a healthy diet


Hay Diet launches to offer a healthy way to lose weight

A 90-year-old diet technique is at the forefront of health and weight management


Benefits of Kefir

The benefits of consuming home made Kefir is absolutely mind blowing.