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The Hay Diet - Protein vs Carbohydrate

In the Hay Diet you can combine neutral foods with either protein or carbohydrates just do not combine protein foods with carbohydrates at any one meal.

It is a good idea to bookmark this page as you may wish to refer to the food combining table below again.

How many of the meals you ate yesterday combined both protein and carbohydrates?

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Hay System Food Combining Table 

Protein Neutral Carbohydrates
Meat All Vegetables - Potatoes
Poultry (Except Potatoes) Bread
Game All Nuts - Flour
Fish (Except Peanuts) Oats
Shellfish Butter Wheat
Whole eggs Cream Barley
Cheese  Honey Rice
All Dried Beans Cold Pressed Oils Millet
All Fruits - All salad stuff Buckwheat
(Except those in the starch group) Seeds Ripe Pears
All legumes/Lentils Sprouted Seeds Bananas
Red/White Dry Wine Herbs Ripe Papayas
Milk and Yoghurt Maple Syrup Sweet Grapes
  Whiskey/Gin Beer (Not to excess)